Care Technology

At The Cambridgeshire Care Home we use a carefully selected range of modern care technology to ensure we provide the best possible personalised care for our residents. When on shift our care staff are provided with an iPad so they have access to every residents Life Story and can update care notes in real time. Below is a list of some of the technology the Cambridgeshire Care Home uses:

WiFiWiFi at Cambridgeshire Care Home

Our care home is WiFi enabled and there is full wireless connectivity throughout the home. Residents can use their own devices to access the internet enabling them to browse websites, chat via programs such as Skype or FaceTime, shop online, and to log onto email so they can stay in touch with family and friends, no matter where in the world they may be. This allows for better digital inclusion and increased social engagement and communication.

Hospitality System

We have a top-of-the-range hospitality system allowing us to personalise a resident’s experience, giving them real-time information about the home at any time. This allows our residents to access information – such as messages on current activities or events – quickly and easily.

Sky PlusSky Plus at Cambridgeshire Care Home

To help offer our residents a true home-from-home experience, all of our bedrooms are equipped with Sky Plus and HD TVs.

This means our residents are free to pursue their own interests – whether that’s the arts, music, sport, or current affairs.

My Life Software

We use My Life Software to help us with Resident Life Stories and to promote and support conversations between our residents and our care staff. My Life Software contains a large collection of photographs, videos and music specifically chosen to spark recollections that can be used to form conversations and promote well-being. Content can be selected regionally and personal media items can also be uploaded meaning a truly relevant and personal experience can be provided.

This easy-to-use piece of software provides a great communication tool for both one-to-one sessions and group discussions.

Person Centered SoftwarePerson Centred Software at Cambridgeshire Care Home

Our care team use iPads with Person Centred Software installed to enable them to provide the best care possible to suit the dynamic needs of our residents.

Person Centred Software allows our team to provide full evidence that care is provided, quickly, easily and immediately, whilst ensuring nothing that needs to be done is missed. Residents’ families are able to view the information entered by carers to show the interactions between the care staff and the residents on a real-time basis.

Boots eMAR

Boots electronic medication management solution, eMAR, helps make keeping track of medicines simpler and safer. Medications can be recorded, administered, tracked and audited allowing for improved safety of residents whilst reducing errors and compliance risk. Our care staff can easily complete electronic records for each resident to provide a clear and accurate audit trail.

Nurse Call

Our nurse call system is silent so residents are not disturbed by alarms. Instead, our staff are sent alerts to their iPad when the call system is activated. Each member of our team has an RFID chip embedded in their staff badge so it is easy to see at a glance where each member of the team is in the building.

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