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Dementia Care

Exceptional Dementia Care From First Care Homes

At The Cambridgeshire Care Home we are much more than a dementia care home; we are a network of support knitted together by everyone involved. We are passionate about ensuring each of our Residents enjoys compassionate care and we pride ourselves on being a leader in quality dementia care homes for the elderly.

We have a wide variety of exceptionally appointed rooms to choose from including some with balconies with our 19 bed dementia unit opening in November 2019. Our beautifully landscaped gardens can be accessed directly from our scenic lift on the first floor.

Why not try us for some respite or convalescence over the Christmas period?

Dementia Care at the Cambridgeshire Care Home

Our average lifespan is increasing thanks to modern healthcare and better nutrition and the number of people living with dementia is increasing too. Finding a care home that provides a high level of safety and comfort whilst also ensuring Residents live life to the full can be a difficult task. However The Cambridgeshire Care Home is here to help. We are committed to ensuring each and every one of our Residents has the absolute top care and accommodation.

We have a qualified team who are passionate about the care they deliver helping them build personal relationships with every member of the Cambridgeshire Care Home community. Our service and facilities rival those of the top hotels. We are fully accredited by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and our amazing accommodations have also earned awards in the hospitality sector for their quality.

We are here to help when you need us

  • 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Regular quality assurance checks
  • Thorough care management
  • Family Support

Compassion Starts with Understanding

Dementia is a difficult condition to define, understand, and diagnose. As we age, memory lapses become increasingly common and confusion over daily events tends to increase. Though it happens to all of us as we age; for some, the cognitive decline is more rapid and severe. And while it can be quite painful to see loved ones suffering from the symptoms of dementia, it is often all the more frustrating for those who experience their own memories faltering. So quality dementia care has to start and end with understanding: both from a healthcare standpoint and from a psychological one.

For this reason, the community at the Cambridgeshire Care Home is much more than a dementia care home – we are a network of support. From our compassionate, experienced, and knowledgeable staff to the tight-knit group of residents who live here, quality of life comes first.

Because compassion starts with understanding, each Resident has their care specifically tailored around them to ensure they lead the most enjoyable life possible – from providing activities they enjoy, to cooking tasty meals they like and sleeping at their preferred times. Our team carries a handheld device with them at all times which details each Residents’ routine and backstory.

All our care is delivered and supervised by a qualified nurse in our purpose built care home. With 24/7 around-the-clock care, there is always someone there to offer support, both emotional and physical, to your loved ones.

While we do provide extensive healthcare services, we are nothing like a hospital – we are a community at heart. We believe that activity is the best form of care and we foster an environment full of creativity and fun to help keep our Residents happen, engage, and feeling youthful.

Person Centred Dementia Care

Before admission to our Home, we undertake a “pre-admission” care needs assessment. This ensures our Home Manager understands the individual’s needs and helps to form the basis of their individualised care plan.

Our design team has created a dementia friendly environment with balanced colour schemes, wayfinding, and points of interest to create a safe space for Residents that is also homely and easy to understand. This helps our Residents who are living with dementia maintain an independent lifestyle that is as stress-free as possible. Other features include digital person centred care plans, E-mar for electronic systems and PIR lighting, and individualised person centred sensor and lighting in every dementia room.

Every permanent resident has the option of personalising their room with their own furniture, pictures and photographs, and other belongings.

Each Resident has a care plan that details their health needs alongside their spiritual, occupational, physical, and day-to-day living needs. This ensures each of our Residents is fully supported and able to enjoy meaningful experiences and activities that reflect their unique interests.

Some people like to take part in everyday tasks that help them retain their independence and give them a sense of purpose – so you may find Residents watering plants in our gardens or helping to lay tables. We also offer a range of group activities such as baking or craft sessions. We get out and about with our Residents too – from day trips to local attractions to a visit to the local garden centre. We also play an active part in the local community and have links with local schools and clubs. For those Residents who prefer a less active social life, our staff also spend quality one-to-one time with our Residents.

We have no confirmed Covid-19 cases in our home

All of our Covid secure measures remain in place and this will not change following the Government guidance changes on 19 July 2021.

Visitors are asked to continue to wear a face covering, unless they are exempt, and to follow social distancing when visiting our care home. This follows the national Infection Prevention Control (IPC) Guidance for all healthcare settings and will help to ensure the safety of our staff and residents at all times.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Cambridgeshire Care Home

If you are planning on visiting our Care Home, please read our latest advice and guidance on the Coronavirus first by clicking here or call our Home directly