Residential care

The Cambridgeshire Care Home is a unique private residential home because we tailor our residents’ care and living experience around them, whilst providing homely accommodation with an upmarket feel.

A residential care facility that truly feels like home

We believe that a residential care home should be a place where you would feel truly comfortable and confident in living yourself. Our incredible care home contains modern, high-quality facilities which have been designed to support the promotion of positive wellbeing. With a bistro and options for private or fine dining, a cinema, hairdressers, therapy rooms and a choice of different lounges in which to unwind, our residents are encouraged to make themselves feel at home and continue to pursue the activities and hobbies they enjoy.

Our luxurious classic and premium bedrooms are spacious and welcoming, all with Sky Plus, HD-TVs, and a top of the range hospitality system which allows us to personalise experiences around individual tastes and preferences.

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Bespoke assisted living and residential care

We understand that the needs of elderly residents moving into residential care will vary. Before new residents join us, we perform a ‘pre-admission’ assessment so that we can tailor an individualised care plan to their needs and agree on any additional requirements with family members. This also includes conducting regular routine reviews to ensure the correct care is always maintained and that we can adapt to any changes with minimal interruption.

Having a tailored care plan in place enables residents to take part in all of the activities they enjoy, eat the foods they like and sleep at their preferred time, leading as much of a normal and enjoyable life as possible. Members of our team carry a mobile device with each resident’s routine and backstory at all times so that they can always facilitate a seamless and positive experience.

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